Life is in the Little Things

it’s the little things

Several months ago my friend Katie blogged about the things that make her happy. She wasn’t talking about those generic answers we give: family, friends, etc. She meant those little things that bring us joy that we often forget about in the hustle and bustle of living. If I’ve learned anything from my experiences with loss and depression, it’s that life is in the little things! Traveling this planet isn’t easy. Every day brings us millions of (valid) reasons to throw our hands up and declare that all hope is lost.

That’s where these small pleasures come in. When the world seems to be falling apart, we can still indulge in a Reese’s Cup or a Neflix marathon, and suddenly not everything is so terrible after all. Little things make life more manageable.

The little things that make me happy
  • 2 Chainz. If you know me in real life, this isn’t at all shocking. You may even be thinking that my obsession is unhealthy. No matter. I won’t stop until we are besties!
  • Mornings. I get that we are all supposed to hate mornings, but I just don’t. Mornings are when I feel my best. I love drinking my coffee in a dark, quiet house.
  • Whole Foods. Basic? Probably, but I could legitimately walk around Whole Foods all day. They have free samples and beer. WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE? (prices notwithstanding)
  • Chips & Salsa. This has to be on everyone’s list, right?
  • Dance parties with my four-year-old. He picks the music, and we all go crazy. (His music tastes are not as good as mine, unfortunately.)
  • Cookies. Chocolate chip, peanut butter, iced oatmeal. If I had to choose only one dessert to eat for the rest of my life, it would be cookies. No contest.
  • Alone time. This rarely happens but when it does, I’m instantly recharged. I think this is part of the reason I started liking the gym. It’s an hour where I can focus on me and not talk to anyone.
  • Rap music. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea (which I think is crazy town), but I love it so much! Not to mention, when was the last time a Garth Brooks song made you feel like you could win a fight?
  • My little baby’s sweet laugh. He’s so quick to laugh and laughs from his belly, and it’s such a precious sound!
  • Bright colors. “But black is so chic!” Yeah, I don’t care. It’s also boring. Give me an obnoxious, bright jewel-tone any day.
  • Pretty much everything about my husband. Specifically, that booty.
  • Hot showers or baths. As hot as I can possibly get it. Just shy of a serious burn.


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My sweet babies!
My boo lookin’ like a whole snack.

the bright side

I’m a cynic. As far as I can tell I was born this way, and while I may never completely change, I’m working on seeing the brighter side of life. I’m doing my best to practice gratitude, especially for the often forgotten small pockets of joy. It’s not always easy, because my natural reaction to a single bad event is to swear the day (or week or month) is ruined.  I’m really committed to this self-improvement thing, though, so I’m accepting the challenge. Even if it requires a bit of optimism on my part.

I want to know: What are some of your simple pleasures?


  1. This is wonderful!! I’ve been trying to incorporate a new method to counterbalance my inner cynic as well: for every negative thing I focus on, I list five positive things.
    So my one negative today: It’s freezing cold out.
    My five positives:
    1. Not shaving my legs for two weeks because who has time for that and no one is going to know because I’m wearing pants.
    2. Donut Friday at the office.
    3. Used books on Amazon for $3 and free shipping
    4. Closing the office at noon because CHRISTMAS!
    5. Wearing my favorite shade of LipSense because yes.


    • Belle! Those are five REALLY GOOD THINGS! I love this method! It’s so hard to rewire a cynical brain, no? We’re doing it, sister. Slowly but surely.


  2. I really love this post!! I think that recognizing the little things in your life that bring YOU happiness is so important!! I am with you on chips and salsa, I could literally eat it every day!! I’m going to follow what Belle did and list 5 of mine!
    1. Holding a hot mug of coffee in my hands
    2. Opening a new jar of peanut butter (I know this is weird but I just love it haha)
    3. Watching scary movies on Friday nights with wine and popcorn.
    4. The feeling I get when I discover a new song that I love.
    5. Putting on cozy pjs after a long day!

    Thanks for such a fun post!!


    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting, Stephanie! Your list is awesome, especially the cozy PJs and hot coffee!


  3. I started a journal in high school where I simply listed 3 things everyday that made me happy. It was tough some days but it really made me stop and think about the insignificant things that are actually significant & mean the most! My list also includes: scalding showers, mornings (why I love working out in the AM), taking off my bra at the end of the day, cozy, warm socks, tea of all kinds (& cute tea mugs), Mexican food (my love goes past chips and salsa although I love them so), finding the perfect pens (also why I love office supplies stores so much), live music, driving with my windows down in Summer, ….


  4. Ok, your obsession with rap music is cracking me up, not sure why, but I love that you love rap music! haha

    Let’s see, I love thinking about the little things in life that I am thankful for!
    1. My husband has this little “beauty mark” on his lip, and we always joke that he was kissed by an angel before he was sent to earth, and it makes me smile to think of it!
    2. I love the smell of books, that is why I hate ebooks, I have to hold the physical book in my hand!
    3. Indie music. I feel like it is the only music that can make you happy, sad, and ponder life all at the same time haha


    • Rap music is the only music as far as I’m concerned! Lol. I agree with you on books. Ebooks are convenient, but that’s their only advantage. Oh my stars, that is so sweet about your husband! 😍


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